Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Better Deal

There is little difference in the much-hyped “Daily Deal” coupon distribution methods. It seems hardly a week goes by without a new provider announcing a “Me Too” service.  Merchants that have used these services are now seeing that good deals for consumers aren’t always good deals for businesses. Recent studies show little more than half of participating businesses made money on the deals. Surprisingly, one-fourth lost money and the rest say they broke even.

After discounting products and services and paying for the daily distribution, few merchants ever establish an on-going relationship with the consumer.  Only half of the retailers surveyed said they’d run a deal again.

OnFast recognized the considerable merchant discontent with the daily e-mail deal and produced an innovative coupon distribution service based on social network relationships.  For a low monthly fee, merchants can use OnFast to author their own deals and distribute branded coupons to their social network sites.

Most important, OnFast builds brand loyalty to the merchant’s business. Consumers seeking value will willingly visit a merchant’s Facebook or Twitter page to see what’s happening and retrieve a coupon.  If consumers have “liked” the merchant they are in on the deal with no effort or credit card transaction.

In summary, OnFast’s social media marketing model builds a bond between the merchant and consumer and is the most inexpensive way to grow a business.

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