Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blog Tips - Adding Calls To Action To Your Blog Posts

You will not get any results from a blog post that is lacking a call to action. Your post may be written very professionally in a terrifically engaging style you think is your best, but it loses its effectiveness without a call to action. Anytime you ask, suggest or tell your readers to do anything specifically, you are giving them a call to action.

Here are some examples:

  •  Asking people to subscribe.
  •  Suggesting readers buy from your company.
  •  Telling a customer they should try something.

These are just examples of calls to action, which can be anything that is useful, helpful etc. to your readers, but which also provides a benefit to you or your company.


1. Clearly and specifically state what you would like the reader to do

In your call to action make it very clear what you are asking of them. Leave no doubt about it and be specific. You can't leave a link and then expect all your readers to click on it. Say to them "Click Here for more information" "Click to find out more" etc. If you want them to leave their comments, tell them specifically what you want to hear about from them.


2. You can put your call to action at the end of the post

Many times the call to action will just naturally fit at the end and do its job effectively as your last thought to the reader. For example:

  •  Asking for comments below.
  •  Asking readers to share the post on their social media networks.
  •  For more information read... with a link.


3. You can sprinkle a call to action throughout the post

This gets your readers thinking about taking action before they are even finished reading your blog.

  •  Tell them "Find out more now by clicking..."
  •  Ask what they think by leaving comments.

Try these ideas for your next company blog post; they may help you attain the objectives and goals for your blog.

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