Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Golf

A well-written and conceived golf course blog should be about everything that is happening at your club. Everyday members and their guests play the course, always seeking to improve upon the finer points of their game. Periodically the club holds golf tournaments that measure the skill levels of the club members in competition with each other. The club's pro shop offers special promotions, events and clinics from time to time for the club membership. These are all potential topics for golf course blog content.

Golf Tips and Advice
The golf pro of the club could offer tips, pointers and advice in the blog on a regular basis. The blogs don't even have to be lengthy. Some golf pros write blog posts in a "tip of the day" format. Including images and even video in these posts will improve their effectiveness and gain more attention to the blog. Summarize pro golf news with video links. Do reviews of new golf clubs and other gear. Also, ask the blog readers for golf advice questions and answer them with images or video as well. The golf pro has much to offer a golf club blog.

Golf Tournaments
Announce all upcoming golf tournaments and start times for club members in the blog. List all the results and write a summary of the tournament, playing up the winners. Images and video once again will make this type of post a richer experience for the audience and help increase exposure for your blog.

Golf Pro Shop Promotions and News
The pro shop can blog about any new golf gear or clothing items they are offering. Promote upcoming golf clinics and offer special deals on golf lessons. Sales and discounts for readers of the blog will provide value to the audience. The shop can conduct polls and surveys to share their opinions about the latest clubs or shoes for example. Also the pro shop can use the blog to inform the club membership about any course repairs, closures, or updates as well.

The golf club blog can be a useful and effective tool of communication and interaction between the golf staff of your club and its membership. An interesting and informative golf club blog will also attract the attention of new potential members, helping the club grow.

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