Friday, August 24, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 8/24/12

Bubble Deflated, Social Media Will Now Change the World

In the aftermath of the disappointing Facebook IPO, there has been a flood of opinion stating that social media is nothing but a fade. This school of thought also goes on to state social media is not right for business. The situation is similar to the wake of the 2001 "dot-com" bust on Wall Street. Eleven years ago people were saying the Internet was nothing more than a fade. Those who don't learn from history... Full Story Here:

The Key Planets of the Social Media Universe (INFOGRAPHIC)

Business success with social media takes a multi-faceted approach. At its center is a blog, surrounded by multiple social media networks working in concert with each other. This interesting infographic explains social media strategy for business in a straight-forward manner. Full Story Here:

Location-Based Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

The crossroads of social media and mobile technology has created a beneficial environment for small businesses to leverage. Facebook, with its check-in feature and networks such as Foursquare, have opened up a world of possibilities for businesses that rely on the physical presence of the customer at their location. Location-based social media marketing can give a small business the edge it needs in today's economy. Full Story Here:
2012 conventions embrace social media openness

Both major political parties, Republican and Democrat, have big plans for social media in their upcoming conventions. The much larger role of social media for both parties indicates how social media has grown in importance and influence over the last four years. Republicans are saying their gathering will be a "convention without walls". Democrats have stated their convention will be "the most open and accessible in history." Full Story Here:

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