Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Social media posters: Do you know these people?

The Chronic Updater

It’s a beautiful day. I’m on my way to work. Going for lunch.  Buying wine at the grocery store. Driving home. I’m home. On and on…………

The Happy Vacationer

Here I am on a mountain. I’m overlooking a valley in Maine. I’m overlooking a lake in New Hampshire. I’m on the interstate heading south. Happy to be home……

The New Parents

Little Joey. Little Joey 5 minutes later. Little Joey eating Cheerios. Little Joey sleeping. Little Joey waking up. Little Joey. Little Joey…….

The Foodie

My vegetable lasagna. Here’s my picture of really green beans. Pizza in a cup. The big steak at the Texas barbeque joint.

The Rage Guy

I hate government. Why do stores close at 6pm? We need more roads. They messed up my burger order again.


You get the idea. Hopefully, you are not one of them. Too often social media posts are just too much information (TMI). You can tire out your friends quickly with mundane, irrelevant, and frequent posts.  Be considerate of your followers’ time and keep it pithy, spontaneous, and interesting.

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