Friday, October 18, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 10/18/13

For Online Video, Social Media Is The New Hit-Maker And Virtual Remote Control Rolled Into One

Social media-influenced video has now eclipsed stand-alone online video in viewership numbers, according to Business Insider. Social networks YouTube and Facebook along with many other emerging platforms are giving businesses a cost-effective alternative to traditional television advertising and video content distribution. YouTube is still the number one platform for Social TV, but Facebook has the fastest-growing online video audience. Full Story Here:


5 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media To Promote Your Business

The benefits for a small business to market itself on social media are well established. For any company that may be still on the fence about it, social media marketing will build up trust in your brand while increasing awareness of your business. Social media also will drive increased traffic to your website and boost search rankings with improved SEO. Social media provides the perfect platform for keeping track of what is being said about your brand while offering your company a forum for response. Full Story Here:


How Social Media Campaigns Will Change In 2014

Social media marketing continues to grow and mature as a promotional tool for brands as we head toward 2014. Google will become a viable platform as businesses expand their circles and share their content on the network. Image-based content shall become even more prevalent and influential. Customer engagement will be a key influence in determining if a brand truly stands out from its competitors. Full Story Here: 


Creating a Social Media ‘Fingerprint’ for Your Small Business

Social media marketing has evolved from a luxury to a necessity in the last few years. As this transition has taken, it has also become imperative for brands to establish a clear strategy for successfully leveraging the medium. This strategy can be seen as a virtual fingerprint for the business, across multiple channels. This fingerprint should be an imprint the brand’s character and culture spoken on the medium in it’s own company voice. Full Story Here:



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