Monday, November 4, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 11/1/13

Six Signs You’re Using Social Media Wrong

Successfully leveraging social media for marketing purposes takes much more than simply signing up for social network accounts and randomly posting to them. It should be one facet of the company’s overall marketing campaign, utilized in concert with the businesses other efforts. Social media is for promoting brand awareness through relationship building with customers and listening to what they have to say while monitoring the competition. It is crucial to measure your results to gauge your level of success as well. Full Story Here:  

How Local Businesses Should Size Up & Tackle Social Media

Businesses just starting out with social media marketing often wonder which platforms should they begin their efforts. A more important question to ask of themselves is what  are their goals for the campaign and to establish a strategy to get there. It always makes sense to start with the big players in social media which include Facebook, Google , Twitter, And LinkedIn. As the campaign moves forward then concentrate the effort on the channels which garner the best results. Full Story Here:

Brand Presence: How To Choose Where To Be On Social Media, Without Breaking Your Budget

Research by Business Insider has uncovered several importantly relevant findings about big brand social media use with implications for small brands. A study conducted across several years has found that the social media fans of a brand will spend more money on a annual basis buying the products of the company than non-fans. This proves that patience and taking the long view pay off eventually. Also, Twitter adoption rates for Fortune 500 companies are now higher than Facebook. 73 percent of those companies are active on Twitter, while 66 percent have active Facebook accounts. Full Story Here:

‘Tis the Season for Mobile Shopping and Social Media Marketing

Mobile shopping and social media marketing will have an even bigger impact on the holiday shopping season this year than last year. According to information released in a infographic by OfferPop, 48 percent of shoppers used social media in their shopping during the 2012 holiday season and the figure is expected to rise for 2013. Full Story Here:

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