Friday, December 21, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 12/21/12

Fewer Than One Quarter of Small Businesses Have Social Media Strategies

Small business use of social media marketing has grown tremendously over the course of the last year, but it appears the majority of small companies who use the marketing medium, do so without any clear strategy or goals. According to the results of the 2012 Small and Medium Social Business Study released by the SMB Group, only 24% of small businesses have a planned social media strategy. The majority at 29% use social randomly, indicating they are not informed as to the proper utilization of social media to grow their businesses. Full Story Here:

An Argument for Social Media Scheduling

Opinions vary about automating the scheduling of posts to social media networks. This article makes a very strong case for brands to do so. Full Story Here:

How We Use Social: Highlights from the Social Media Report 2012

The rapid growth and ever-changing landscape of social media usage in the U.S. is documented in the annual report released by Nielsen and NM Incite recently. The study, conducted between July 2011 and July 2012, found many fascinating trends in the social media world during the time covered. Results include, total time spent online is up 21% and mobile usage increasing by 82%, with mobile apps up by 85%. Full Story Here:

Social media influencing retailers’ decisions

As the holiday shopping season winds down, shoppers may not be aware how much they have influenced what retailers have offered to consumers. This influence has come about through the online interactions between brands and their customers, whether that is with likes on Facebook or comments. Brands are now making stocking decisions based on those social media interactions. Full Story Here:

Social media pressure gets to Instagram and Netflix

The public has learned in recent years the power and influence they have through social media to bring about changes in company policies. Facebook recently needed to change and clarify the photo sharing policies of Instagram, which it owns, following outrage from the public in social media. In 2011, Netflix was forced to rethink policy changes it had made following a similar situation of public outcry through social networks. Full Story Here:

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Using LinkedIn for Employment Search

The professional social network LinkedIn remains the single greatest social media asset for job seekers. During the course of LinkedIn’s existence, the network has offered improvements and new features. This has made an already effective platform an even more powerful tool for those seeking a company in need of their skill set and experience.


Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn for Employment Search


Create a Complete Profile - According to LinkedIn, profiles that are 100 percent complete are 40 times more likely to gain an opportunity. Make sure your profile is detailed and contains all current and past employment. Include complete educational and industry information. A professional looking headshot photo and relevant keywords and skills also help.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Newer Features - Some of the new features added by LinkedIn include their Resume Creator and JobInsider toolbar. The Resume Creator gives users the ability to create a resume from a selection of templates using all of their profile information. Then LinkedIn customizes a URL for the resume, expediting its distribution. The JobInsider toolbar may be installed on Firefox and Internet Explorer Web browsers and it allows users to see if anybody from their network works at a particular company when the user is looking at its website.

Look at your Network Statistics - LinkedIn gives you the ability to keep tabs on two important pieces of information about all of your contacts: their location and industry. This data can be very useful when you are planning a career change or thinking about relocating.

Follow the Companies of your Dreams - LinkedIn lets you follow and get updates from both companies and individuals. Find out all of the latest news and job posting information from your favorites.                         

Join and Interact with Groups - Join as many professional groups related to your field as possible and interact with them on a regular basis. Show interest and ask questions about topics where you lack knowledge. Highlight your expertise by answering the questions about which you are knowledgeable.

LinkedIn is unlike any other social network with its professionalism. The platform can give job hunters an edge in a very competitive job market.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 12/14/12

Affect Releases 2013 Predictions: Public Relations and Social Media

The public relations firm, Affect, has released their 2013 predictions for social media and its impact on public relations. Top on the list is the rise of LinkedIn as a platform for brands to leverage themselves. Affect cites LinkedIn’s new profile and company page tools for the growing trend. Also, companies whose target audience is other businesses, are beginning to utilize the marketing potential of the platform. Other predictions from Affect include the continued explosion of mobile devices and the rise of visual content such as infographics and photo sharing. Full Story Here:

Boosting Sales with Social Media

During the busy holiday rush it is important for businesses to not forget about social media and the important role the medium plays with consumers today. The nearly 25% of the buying public is using social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to seek out the best deals. Companies with visually appealing products or services should use Pinterest as well. For business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn should be the platform of choice. The social media sites should be used to lead your audience to your company’s website. Full Story Here:

10 Easy Ways Social Media Can Get Your Business More Referrals

Social media has become part of our everyday personal lives and is increasingly an important tool for brands to market themselves to the consumers. According to Mediabistro, 50 percent of small businesses are successfully leveraging social media to drive referrals and sales. It can be difficult however for small companies, with limited time and resources, to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered them by social media marketing. Here are ten useful techniques a small business can utilize to better leverage social media for their company. Full Story Here:

Useful Social Media: Global CMOs Gather in New York to Discuss the future of Social Media in Business

Over 250 of the biggest leading brands will gather in New York this coming June to discuss the future development of social media’s role in business. The summit, being held by the business intelligence firm, Useful Social Media, will take place June 12-13th. The focus of the summit will be how businesses can get closer to customers by building loyalty through direct customer engagement. Full Story Here:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Meaning Of Facebook Timeline For Your Brand

The theme of Facebook’s Timeline, not only for brands but individuals as well, is the expression of growth and development over time. Brands that fully embrace the concept will naturally benefit the most from Timeline.

Creatively communicating a company’s rise from a modest startup to a successful firm is an inspirational story that should resonate with followers, customers and prospects alike. Businesses of all sizes can gain a closer relationship with their customers from such a treatment on Timeline. The content shouldn’t just be about a chronology of dates in the company’s history, but showcase the people that have made the business grow and its products outstanding. Dates and photos of employee promotions in addition to images of them doing their jobs is a great place to start. Strategic dates along with pictures of company products being used and enjoyed by the people who buy them is another. Video is also highly effective in conveying this message.

Another feature and benefit of Timeline for brands is the new admin panel. This panel provides a powerful management tool for every aspect of the company Timeline to keep track of new likes and comments on content. The admin dashboard also allows access to valuable new analytics data with graphs illustrating engagement with your content. For the first time on Facebook, private messaging between brands and users can take place. The contact must be initiated by the user and companies that are not ready for the feature can turn it off. For brands ready for such interaction, this feature offers a tremendous opportunity.

Change is what the new Facebook Timeline is all about. All of us can be afraid of change at one time or another. Social media is constantly evolving and the changes to Facebook reflect that. It is neither the first time nor the last in the largest social network’s evolution. Make full use of the new Timeline features and your company will benefit in time.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

How Social Media Makes Money For Your Business -- Creating Value

Social media marketing has a tremendous capacity for creating value, for both customers and the businesses serving their needs. Social media facilitates this when companies connect with their customers and those customers in turn purchase products and services. The key to this value creation is the establishment of true connection between brands and their customers on social media networks.


How Social Media Creates Value

A true connection on social media is made when brands offer something valuable to their followers. What is being offered may have a direct monetary value, but not necessarily. It could come in the form of useful information or advice related to a brand’s niche industry and its products. Or, it could just as easily come in the form of a 15% off Facebook only coupon. Central to the creation of value on social media is the idea of giving, which is required of brands to be successful on social media. Social business has re-ignited the concept of value-added marketing. Rather than interrupting people’s lives with tradition marketing messages, social marketing is welcomed by people into their lives because it is beneficial to them. Here are some specific ways social media accomplishes this result.


  • By Teaching Customers - Information that is helpful, useful and serves customers’ needs by teaching them about topics related to your company’s specialties.
  • Giving Something to Customers - With freebies, discounts, specials etc. made unique for each platform. This builds brand loyalty, which translates into paying customers.
  • Helping Customers - Answering the questions people have and sharing expertise are ways brands establish a true connection with their followers on social media.
  • Connecting Customers With Others - Suggesting alternate companies when your solution doesn’t meet a customer’s needs and recommending products or services from elsewhere can help your company connect. These scenarios can create loyal followers.
  • Touching the Emotions of Customers - Treating customers as good friends, lightening things up with a little bit of fun and making people laugh will go far in endearing them to your company.

These are just a few of many ways social media can create value for customers. Businesses can create the greatest value for themselves and their customers when they remember an old business virtue that social media marketing has revived. The business exists to serve the needs of their customers.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 12/7/12

How Social Media Usage Will Change In 2013

The coming year will likely bring many changes to the social media world, as the medium continues to grow and mature. Trends of today can give some indication of what those changes will be and how they will come about. One trend is the increase in the importance of Pinterest as a social media marketing platform. This article includes an excellent infographic which clearly illustrates the trends in social media from the editors of the Socially Aware Blog. Full Story Here:


Build Social Media Into the Customer Experience

It is so crucial in today’s business environment for companies to go beyond simply putting up a page and expecting customers to come to them. Social media marketing must be carried out by people in the organization with authority and not outsourced. Listening to what your audience is saying about your brand and effectively responding to their feedback is vital. Steering your customers to your company’s preferred social media platforms is important as well. Full Story Here:


What’s the Difference between Social Media and Social Business?

Companies who are leading the way in the application of social media to their business practices are fully engaging their customers and bringing about new levels of customer service for their clients by integrating social media into customer care processes. This defines social business and differentiates it from simply marketing through social media networks. Full Story Here:


The Secret to Social Media Fatigue

The difficulty of time management for businesses who engage in social media marketing has lead to the mindset of so-called “social media fatigue”. This fatigue is really all about fear of failure and disappointment in social media. There are steps which can be taken to successfully fight back against these fears. Full Story Here:


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using Twitter for Employment Search

Twitter offers job seekers a powerful resource when used in tandem with LinkedIn and Facebook. Twitter should never be seen as a replacement for those other networks, but rather as a useful supplement to them. Companies looking to hire are increasingly using the network in their recruitment efforts. Twitter provides a high level of engagement and interaction between businesses in need of personnel and people who are searching for employment. The Twitter platform also offers the ability to share information from other networks. Job hunters can find listings of job posts and career opportunities, advice from experts and general career information.

Ways to Use Twitter for Employment Search

Shape Up your Profile - It is vital to have a profile that projects professionalism and gains the attention of company recruiters. Your profile will shape their first impression and you only have 160 characters to get it right. Stay away from ridiculous usernames; make it your real name or something that closely resembles your name. Your profile should feature the type of position you are seeking in addition to your location.

Follow Influential People in your Field - Seek out the influential movers and shakers in your field and follow them. Find industry people with large numbers of followers who frequently tweet information relevant to your job search. Also, follow people outside your particular field but who can still be helpful, such as career experts and government agencies.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Social Media Makes Money For Your Business -- Engaging Prospects

Engaging with a prospective customer is probably the most crucial step in making a successful sale. The interactive nature of social media easily lends itself to the engagement between a business and their prospects. Social networks help foster trust between the parties, while speeding up the final sale process either online or in person.

How Social Media Helps Engage Prospects:

1. Social Media Puts Brands With the People
It is key for businesses without a social media presence to remember this fact: their absence from consumer’s decision-making processes on this medium means that they are not present in the decision itself. People are making their buying decisions increasingly based on the information gleaned from social media outlets. This information can come from brands directly, recommendations and word of mouth from friends, or viral material that spins up to them. A brand must be present to be part of the mix. It is expected by the vast majority of people that a company is active on social media networks. Companies lacking a presence are often deemed irrelevant.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 11/30/12

Social Media is Here to Stay
The beneficial impact for businesses that have taken the steps necessary to promote and market their companies through social media has been well established. However, there are many more businesses which have not joined in. Finding education about how to launch a social media marketing campaign successfully seems to be the problem, keeping scores of companies from achieving social media success. Full Story Here:

Social media impact on retailers’ sales uncertain
With the recent record setting holiday shopping weekend, retailers are seeking the answer to the question of what was social media’s impact on those sales. It appears, according to IBM Smarter Commerce, which tracks sales for top retailers, that social media directly comprised only 1% of the sales. This is not to say social media did not have any impact at all, because retailers have been using the medium to effectively raise their brand awareness with consumers. Full Story Here: