Monday, December 10, 2012

How Social Media Makes Money For Your Business -- Creating Value

Social media marketing has a tremendous capacity for creating value, for both customers and the businesses serving their needs. Social media facilitates this when companies connect with their customers and those customers in turn purchase products and services. The key to this value creation is the establishment of true connection between brands and their customers on social media networks.


How Social Media Creates Value

A true connection on social media is made when brands offer something valuable to their followers. What is being offered may have a direct monetary value, but not necessarily. It could come in the form of useful information or advice related to a brand’s niche industry and its products. Or, it could just as easily come in the form of a 15% off Facebook only coupon. Central to the creation of value on social media is the idea of giving, which is required of brands to be successful on social media. Social business has re-ignited the concept of value-added marketing. Rather than interrupting people’s lives with tradition marketing messages, social marketing is welcomed by people into their lives because it is beneficial to them. Here are some specific ways social media accomplishes this result.


  • By Teaching Customers - Information that is helpful, useful and serves customers’ needs by teaching them about topics related to your company’s specialties.
  • Giving Something to Customers - With freebies, discounts, specials etc. made unique for each platform. This builds brand loyalty, which translates into paying customers.
  • Helping Customers - Answering the questions people have and sharing expertise are ways brands establish a true connection with their followers on social media.
  • Connecting Customers With Others - Suggesting alternate companies when your solution doesn’t meet a customer’s needs and recommending products or services from elsewhere can help your company connect. These scenarios can create loyal followers.
  • Touching the Emotions of Customers - Treating customers as good friends, lightening things up with a little bit of fun and making people laugh will go far in endearing them to your company.

These are just a few of many ways social media can create value for customers. Businesses can create the greatest value for themselves and their customers when they remember an old business virtue that social media marketing has revived. The business exists to serve the needs of their customers.

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