Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using Twitter for Employment Search

Twitter offers job seekers a powerful resource when used in tandem with LinkedIn and Facebook. Twitter should never be seen as a replacement for those other networks, but rather as a useful supplement to them. Companies looking to hire are increasingly using the network in their recruitment efforts. Twitter provides a high level of engagement and interaction between businesses in need of personnel and people who are searching for employment. The Twitter platform also offers the ability to share information from other networks. Job hunters can find listings of job posts and career opportunities, advice from experts and general career information.

Ways to Use Twitter for Employment Search

Shape Up your Profile - It is vital to have a profile that projects professionalism and gains the attention of company recruiters. Your profile will shape their first impression and you only have 160 characters to get it right. Stay away from ridiculous usernames; make it your real name or something that closely resembles your name. Your profile should feature the type of position you are seeking in addition to your location.

Follow Influential People in your Field - Seek out the influential movers and shakers in your field and follow them. Find industry people with large numbers of followers who frequently tweet information relevant to your job search. Also, follow people outside your particular field but who can still be helpful, such as career experts and government agencies.

Take Advantage of Apps for Job Hunters - There are a variety of useful Twitter applications that will greatly aid your search. The information found on Twitter can quickly become overwhelming, and these tools can help manage your stream and assist inn finding the people and resources relevant to your goal.

Engage in Relevant Chats and Conversation - Hashtags (# followed by a keyword without a space) can also help you follow Twitter chats that are related to your job search. Participate and interact when possible but be sure to follow the rules of each specific conversation.

Follow Hashtags Related to your Search - Twitter posts utilize hashtags point users to specific posts on related subjects. By following hashtags you can stay on top of important conversations involving your job search.

Twitter provides job hunters with an effective platform that can be a real complement to their efforts across other social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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