Friday, December 14, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 12/14/12

Affect Releases 2013 Predictions: Public Relations and Social Media

The public relations firm, Affect, has released their 2013 predictions for social media and its impact on public relations. Top on the list is the rise of LinkedIn as a platform for brands to leverage themselves. Affect cites LinkedIn’s new profile and company page tools for the growing trend. Also, companies whose target audience is other businesses, are beginning to utilize the marketing potential of the platform. Other predictions from Affect include the continued explosion of mobile devices and the rise of visual content such as infographics and photo sharing. Full Story Here:

Boosting Sales with Social Media

During the busy holiday rush it is important for businesses to not forget about social media and the important role the medium plays with consumers today. The nearly 25% of the buying public is using social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to seek out the best deals. Companies with visually appealing products or services should use Pinterest as well. For business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn should be the platform of choice. The social media sites should be used to lead your audience to your company’s website. Full Story Here:

10 Easy Ways Social Media Can Get Your Business More Referrals

Social media has become part of our everyday personal lives and is increasingly an important tool for brands to market themselves to the consumers. According to Mediabistro, 50 percent of small businesses are successfully leveraging social media to drive referrals and sales. It can be difficult however for small companies, with limited time and resources, to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered them by social media marketing. Here are ten useful techniques a small business can utilize to better leverage social media for their company. Full Story Here:

Useful Social Media: Global CMOs Gather in New York to Discuss the future of Social Media in Business

Over 250 of the biggest leading brands will gather in New York this coming June to discuss the future development of social media’s role in business. The summit, being held by the business intelligence firm, Useful Social Media, will take place June 12-13th. The focus of the summit will be how businesses can get closer to customers by building loyalty through direct customer engagement. Full Story Here:

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