Friday, December 7, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 12/7/12

How Social Media Usage Will Change In 2013

The coming year will likely bring many changes to the social media world, as the medium continues to grow and mature. Trends of today can give some indication of what those changes will be and how they will come about. One trend is the increase in the importance of Pinterest as a social media marketing platform. This article includes an excellent infographic which clearly illustrates the trends in social media from the editors of the Socially Aware Blog. Full Story Here:


Build Social Media Into the Customer Experience

It is so crucial in today’s business environment for companies to go beyond simply putting up a page and expecting customers to come to them. Social media marketing must be carried out by people in the organization with authority and not outsourced. Listening to what your audience is saying about your brand and effectively responding to their feedback is vital. Steering your customers to your company’s preferred social media platforms is important as well. Full Story Here:


What’s the Difference between Social Media and Social Business?

Companies who are leading the way in the application of social media to their business practices are fully engaging their customers and bringing about new levels of customer service for their clients by integrating social media into customer care processes. This defines social business and differentiates it from simply marketing through social media networks. Full Story Here:


The Secret to Social Media Fatigue

The difficulty of time management for businesses who engage in social media marketing has lead to the mindset of so-called “social media fatigue”. This fatigue is really all about fear of failure and disappointment in social media. There are steps which can be taken to successfully fight back against these fears. Full Story Here:


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