Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Using LinkedIn for Employment Search

The professional social network LinkedIn remains the single greatest social media asset for job seekers. During the course of LinkedIn’s existence, the network has offered improvements and new features. This has made an already effective platform an even more powerful tool for those seeking a company in need of their skill set and experience.


Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn for Employment Search


Create a Complete Profile - According to LinkedIn, profiles that are 100 percent complete are 40 times more likely to gain an opportunity. Make sure your profile is detailed and contains all current and past employment. Include complete educational and industry information. A professional looking headshot photo and relevant keywords and skills also help.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Newer Features - Some of the new features added by LinkedIn include their Resume Creator and JobInsider toolbar. The Resume Creator gives users the ability to create a resume from a selection of templates using all of their profile information. Then LinkedIn customizes a URL for the resume, expediting its distribution. The JobInsider toolbar may be installed on Firefox and Internet Explorer Web browsers and it allows users to see if anybody from their network works at a particular company when the user is looking at its website.

Look at your Network Statistics - LinkedIn gives you the ability to keep tabs on two important pieces of information about all of your contacts: their location and industry. This data can be very useful when you are planning a career change or thinking about relocating.

Follow the Companies of your Dreams - LinkedIn lets you follow and get updates from both companies and individuals. Find out all of the latest news and job posting information from your favorites.                         

Join and Interact with Groups - Join as many professional groups related to your field as possible and interact with them on a regular basis. Show interest and ask questions about topics where you lack knowledge. Highlight your expertise by answering the questions about which you are knowledgeable.

LinkedIn is unlike any other social network with its professionalism. The platform can give job hunters an edge in a very competitive job market.

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