Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't Let Your Social Media Efforts Backfire

In days gone by, advertising, marketing, and communications were one-way outbound channels and could be controlled by the brand. Brands could regulate what messages were disseminated, to whom, where, and when.

Today with social media, a whole separate conversation among consumers is going on behind the scenes. For the most part, your coveted brand reputation and purchasing influence has been transferred to the whims of consumers.

Through social media channels, consumers can comment and rate products and services either positively or negatively. These trusted testimonials carry a heavy influence with prospective customers. Most amazingly, comments along with video, and pictures can be transmitted in real-time from mobile smartphones to an unlimited audience with little effort on the part of the sender.

Recognizing the perils of negative media, brands are being compelled to be more open, honest and transparent. Seeking to hide or disguise legitimate issues on social networks is likely to fail.

Most important, in today’s social media marketplace you must deal with a negative issue immediately. Assign a skilled, knowledgeable, and empowered resource to monitor and deal with the discourse.

Remember you are dealing with real people in a two-way conversation. Never be formal, or authoritarian with your responses to negative posts. Be genuine and take responsibility for actions within your control.

Above all, your goal is to show you are reasonable, fair, and easy to work with.

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