Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do I need social media if I have a website?

Companies that have long relied on their web sites as a means of attracting customers are now finding that a website alone is not enough. In today’s marketplace, social media presents a better opportunity for enhancing relationships and expanding brand awareness. No one will deny that the web has become the most cost effective, “Go-To” method for finding answers to problems and identifying resources.  Google is clearly the world’s number one research tool with billions of searches daily. 

When it comes to building and maintaining relationships, finding employees, and researching clients, social media presents far better opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should be among your first choices. Social media’s biggest advantage is that it is an open conversation among like-minded people. Your audience can ask questions and leave replies. Most important, your viewing audience can share your posts with people you don’t know but have an interest in what is being said.  If you use social media, your web of influence will proliferate organically and you will win friends and likes. Do it now!

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