Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Meaning Of Facebook Timeline For Your Brand

The theme of Facebook’s Timeline, not only for brands but individuals as well, is the expression of growth and development over time. Brands that fully embrace the concept will naturally benefit the most from Timeline.

Creatively communicating a company’s rise from a modest startup to a successful firm is an inspirational story that should resonate with followers, customers and prospects alike. Businesses of all sizes can gain a closer relationship with their customers from such a treatment on Timeline. The content shouldn’t just be about a chronology of dates in the company’s history, but showcase the people that have made the business grow and its products outstanding. Dates and photos of employee promotions in addition to images of them doing their jobs is a great place to start. Strategic dates along with pictures of company products being used and enjoyed by the people who buy them is another. Video is also highly effective in conveying this message.

Another feature and benefit of Timeline for brands is the new admin panel. This panel provides a powerful management tool for every aspect of the company Timeline to keep track of new likes and comments on content. The admin dashboard also allows access to valuable new analytics data with graphs illustrating engagement with your content. For the first time on Facebook, private messaging between brands and users can take place. The contact must be initiated by the user and companies that are not ready for the feature can turn it off. For brands ready for such interaction, this feature offers a tremendous opportunity.

Change is what the new Facebook Timeline is all about. All of us can be afraid of change at one time or another. Social media is constantly evolving and the changes to Facebook reflect that. It is neither the first time nor the last in the largest social network’s evolution. Make full use of the new Timeline features and your company will benefit in time.

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