Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest For Business - What Is Pinterest?

 Pinterest is a self-described "virtual pinboard", designed as a place where people can ?pin' images and videos of the things they love and share them with others. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network at the moment. It holds the distinction of being the fastest site ever to cross the 10 million mark for unique visitors. According to Shareaholic's recent report, Pinterest is driving more online commerce traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google Plus. That fact, combined with the site's visual focus, has huge implications for brands.

How Does It Work?
Users find image or video media from around the Internet or upload them and pin (share) them to image boards. The image boards are really a method for organizing the ?pins' into various categories. Users can set up a wide variety of boards on any of the topics they are interested in and want to share. A Pinterest plug-in allows the pinning of any web content to your board. All content must however comply with the sites terms and conditions. The boards are visible to other users who can also share your content by re-pinning on their own boards.
Does It Work For Business?
The short answer is yes, but the full meaning is yet to be played out in the future. The level of engagement on the site is second only to Facebook. The average amount of time users spend on Pinterest is 89 minutes per month, which makes businesses take notice. For company's whose products are more visually oriented and lend themselves to treatment with images, such as home decor, clothing or cars for example, Pinterest could be a home run. For other service or trade oriented businesses the benefits are unclear at this point.

How Do You Become A Pinterest User?
Right now you either have to request to join or be invited by another member. This will change in the future and eventually the network will be open to the public. The site asks during the sign-up for your logins from either Facebook or Twitter.

Considering the explosion of popularity of Pinterest, brands in the business categories most likely to benefit should get on board and engage. In part 2 we will look a bit closer at the full implications of Pinterest to companies.

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