Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest For Business - Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

The virtual pinboarding social network, Pinterest has seen phenomenal growth in recent months and business is starting to take notice. However, the questions are - should your company have a presence on Pinterest? Can Pinterest benefit your brand? If your product lends itself to a visual presentation of any kind, your business should be on Pinterest. Here's Why:


Pinterest Is The Hottest Trend In Social Media

Understandably, most businesses do not want to make time to follow along with the latest "hot" fad. The fact of the matter is Pinterest deserves your consideration since it has over 12 million unique visitors a month. This user figure is exploding according to comScore.

This expanding community amounts to a tremendous pool of potential customers. Pinterest is the newest social gathering place. Why not go where the people are gathering to show them what you have to sell?

Pinterest Has The Best Consumers

So far the largest demographic group to adopt Pinterest and actively engage on the network is women between the ages of 25-45. Targeting this group provides great opportunities because they make up a large market segment of potential consumers.

Pinterest Has Style

Most other social networks emphasize the text first and visual/audio come second. On Pinterest it is exactly the reverse. The whole site has a visual orientation and is designed in a highly appealing stylish manner. The text is clearly secondary in importance. If your company's products lend themselves to eye appealing images or video treatment, Pinterest is a natural fit for your business.

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