Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Real Estate

Writing a real estate blog may seem like a time consuming chore and you may be a bit intimidated about finding content. You shouldn't be because there are plenty of topics to write about as a realtor. Keep the blog's focus on the community in which you serve, and the buyers / sellers who you are there to help, and you will never run out of subjects.

Writing a real estate blog from this perspective will help you gain your clients' trust and it will be a service to the community. Here are some suggestions for real estate blog content. 

New Listings / Homes Sold

This is the most obvious subject for a real estate blog, as a realtor you need to inform clients about the properties you are selling. Be sure to include as many images as possible and keep it short, just the facts. Limit how often you blog about potential properties or you will come across as too self-promoting. Remember, the focus of the blog should be on service.

Advice For Buyers / Sellers

Your advice can be about any topic involved in buying and selling a home or property. You can cover such things as credit and financing, foreclosure, or short sales. Write up lists of do's and don'ts, or checklists for both buyers and sellers. For example, you might blog about how to make a home as appealing as possible to buyers.

Community Events / News

Another possible topic is to write about what is going on in the community and how events will shape its future. Talk about the things that potential new residents would want to know about such as schools, taxes, or even the weather. Blog about what makes the community a great place to live, and your realty office will be looked upon as a trusted member of that community.

Real Estate News, Trends and Developments

What is shaping your industry and the housing market at the moment? What trends do you see locally, statewide or nationally in real estate? How has news from other quarters affected your sales, your clients or the community at large? These are all great subjects for your real estate blog. Be sure to use statistics to back up your opinions.

Success Stories

Everyone loves hearing a good success story. Homes sold, difficult finances overcome, houses remodeled etc. Just by doing your job as a realtor, you are surrounded by stories of success. Write them in an uplifting way and you will be an encouragement to others.

Writing a real estate blog doesn't have to be a chore or time-consuming. Be helpful and informative with the topics you write about and you will become a valuable benefit to those you serve.

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