Thursday, June 7, 2012

Will Your Content Produce Results?

For content to be useful it must satisfy the needs and interest of your readers. It's important to remember not all readers will find your content worthwhile. What is worthwhile to you may not be to someone else. You must be in touch with your readership. One effective way to learn what will interest your readers is to do a little research. Ask your readers for their opinions and feedback. You may want to research similar Blogs to determine what topics are popular and which topics are drawing the most feedback and commentary. Don't make the mistake of falling in love with a topic dear to your heart but of little use or interest to your readership.

Here are four general considerations to help determine if your content will be useful. The first two are of particular importance. Readers land on your blog primarily for these two main reasons. Simply, if your readers are looking for information, give it to them.


Information ? For your Blog posts to be successful, you will have to supply credible information about your products and services. At this point of the cycle, trying to make a sale will only drive prospects away. What readers are looking for is straight-forward insider's information that they can trust. Without presenting overwhelming details and technical jargon, explain your material in such a way that your reader will not be intimidated. Keep in mind you are one click away from losing your reader so keep it simple and easily understood. Most bloggers will be creating unique insights and information, not necessarily original information. When using other people's content, always give credit for it. Clearly include the proper attribution when using trademarked and copyrighted material.

Education ? Blog readers have an insatiable interest in learning something new about a given topic. Here is your opportunity to establish yourself as the "go-to" authority about your profession. Research your material and seek to establish yourself as a valuable resource.

Unique ? This is a hard one. With so much information available on so many online websites it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish yourself. Many of your potential readers may already be following a similar blog and it will be difficult to win their attention. Try using local information, customer testimonials, and open discussion topics that encourage readers to post their unique experiences.

News ? Your blog readers may just want to be kept abreast of what's going on. New products or specials and seasonal sales may pique their interests. News about upcoming events unique to your area can produce re-visits.

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