Monday, June 4, 2012

LinkedIn Techniques For Business - Part 4

Connect LinkedIn With All Your Social Networks
A key aspect of a successful LinkedIn campaign is connecting the professional social network to all your other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. All of your connections on LinkedIn should know of your presence on other networks. Whenever someone connects with your company on LinkedIn, that connection should be extended to them across all of your marketing platforms. LinkedIn and Twitter even allow information to be easily shared between the two networks by way of status updates.

It is important to remember how the users of LinkedIn contrast with Twitter users and that LinkedIn users differ in motivation for their use of the network. You can have all updates synced and shared between networks or they can be more fine-tuned. For example, on LinkedIn you can select to share all updates on Twitter with your LinkedIn connections or only updates containing the hashtag, #in. This feature allows the customization of your posts, limiting Twitter updates on LinkedIn to be only what you deem important enough for your connections to see. Often Twitter updates shared on LinkedIn have a longer lifespan than in the Twitter stream. Since LinkedIn works similarly to Facebook, with the level of interaction determining how long the post stays at or near the top of posts, visibility is improved for your posts.

It is vitally important to coordinate your updates on LinkedIn with your other marketing efforts so your company has a unified message delivered simultaneously. Plan your updates around the times of the day when it is most likely to be seen and noticed by your connections. Most people spend time on social media in the mornings and when they get a break at lunchtime. Posting at those times may get more attention for your messages.

Using LinkedIn effectively for marketing your business takes a considerable investment in time and effort. Maximize your impact by connecting LinkedIn to all your other social networks.

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