Friday, June 1, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 6/1/12

IDC: Home Businesses Will Turn To Social Media

The rise in social media use by traditional businesses has been followed by a surge in social media utilization by home-based businesses as well. The research company IDC reports 40% of businesses that are operated out of the home are using social media networks to promote and conduct their company. The study also found that almost 40% of those using social media, do so without having their own website. Full Story Here:

Social Media Analyst To Visit DSM; Says Businesses Doing It Wrong

The highly respected social media expert, Brian Solis, spoke before attending a local midwest technology and social conference about how businesses are getting social media wrong. He stated companies have adopted social media without a strategy for understanding why consumers are on social networks in the first place. Full Story Here:

According To A Pitney Bowes Survey: 36% Of Consumers Will Not Share Their Income Data; 76% Will Not Even Share Their Political Affiliation

A useful study conducted by Pitney Bowes Inc. has found what information consumers are willing to share and what personal information they do not want to give out. The answers provide helpful guidelines to marketers when asking questions of consumers. The information responders considered most personal and would not respond to were: Political persuasion (76%), Religion (71%), Ethnicity (54%). Most consumers will share transactional information however. Full Story Here:

Grow Your Small Business With The Help Of Social Media

Small businesses can reap the benefits of the surging popularity of social media networks to grow their business. Using social media to promote their business and engage their customers can save money, is easier to implement than conventional advertising, and improves efficiency for the business. Full Story Here: 

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