Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest For Business - How To Use Pinterest For Business

In recent months, the social media pinboard, Pinterest, has grown by leaps and bounds. The network raced to become the quickest to surpass the 10 million monthly unique visitor mark and isn't looking back.  All of this attention to Pinterest may have you considering whether your company could benefit from using the network. Pinterest is helping certain types of businesses gain considerable accomplishments, but is not a network for all companies.

Since it is essentially a tool for organizing visual images, only businesses that offer products and services with eye-catching appeal will find success on this platform. For example, Pinterest would not be a wise choice for a lawyer who is expanding his/her practice.  But if you think your company's presence on Pinterest is a good fit, here are some techniques for success with this exciting and relatively new social media network.

Connect Pinterest to all of your Online Platforms

If your company has a website, place "Pin It" buttons on the most visually appealing images so they can be easily pinned to Pinterest by visitors. Make sure all of the images and videos you pin contain links back to your website. Your other social networks, such as Facebook and Google Plus, can also be used to steer traffic to your Pinterest. Pinning can dramatically improve your company's search engine optimization (SEO). If a site visitor pins an image of one of your products and other users like it, they may re-pin it. In a short period of time the product image may end up being re-pinned hundreds of times going viral and exposing your company to a vast audience.

Put in the Time for Pinterest

Using any social network to grow your business takes a time commitment to be effective. This may be even truer on Pinterest. Users expect brands to build relationships instead of making a "set up and forget" page. For Pinterest to give your company traction it is best to engage on a daily basis. Create a solid strategy in conjunction with the company's other marketing platforms and you will manage your time investment wisely.

Be Human and Interact on Pinterest

Users of social media networks, especially Pinterest users, will not connect with a faceless company who is only self-serving. Let your followers see the human side of your company. In between pins about your products, include some things important to the people behind the scenes of your business. However, be sure they are tasteful and not offensive or controversial.

If Pinterest and your company fit together, this network can be a powerful tool for driving customers to buy your products and grow your business. The key is to utilize it properly, the way it was intended.

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