Thursday, June 21, 2012

Social Media Tips - Use Video For Your Social Media Marketing

If your company is not integrating video into your social media marketing efforts then you're missing out on a great, free advertising avenue. Using video in social media marketing is en vogue right now, and there are valid reasons for this trend.

Google recently changed how web pages are indexed in their search engine. These changes have made the addition of short videos one of the most effective techniques for raising a company into the top tier of search results.

The simplest way to get started is to create your company's custom channel on YouTube. Here are a few content suggestions to give you some ideas:

Instructional Videos - Highlight your knowledge, expertise and helpfulness.

Customer or Client Testimonials - Gives your company credibility in the eyes of potential new customers.

Humor - Let your followers see a lighter side to your company.

Staff - Videos featuring your company's personnel will let you show off some of the business's personality. This will also give your fans a glimpse of human side of the company.

Properly utilized, attention grabbing video content will help increase your search engine optimization effort and make your content, website, and social postings easier to find.

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