Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FourSquare For Business - How To Use FourSquare For Business

The wildly popular location based mobile device application; FourSquare is taking businesses whose customers come to their physical location, such as restaurants and retail stores, by storm. This social network/app is proving to be a potent force for businesses to use for driving in new customers and bringing them back again and again. Here are a few pointers for getting the most out of this tool for your business.

Use Deals To Maintain Loyalty

Offering deals and special offers for customers who check-in at your business is the real power behind what makes FourSquare so attractive to both consumers and establishments. There are many creative ways to use deals to keep the engine running and maintain customer loyalty. Offering such things as a special for customers who bring their friends, deals for people who check-in a pre-determined amount of times, and a extra special deal for whoever becomes the "mayor" of your venue are all techniques which will keep them coming back.

Use FourSquare's Analytics To Your Advantage

Many small business owners do not have the time to gather demographic data on their customer base, let alone analyze the information. FourSquare collects useful information for businesses and presents it to them in a clear, concise and easily understood way. For every customer who checks-in at your business, FourSquare notes the number of times, where they have shared the check-in on other social networks, their gender, age, and the time of day. These statistics are then provided in reports to the venue owner. This is valuable information that will help you know your customers better.

Use The Free Advertising To Your Benefit

Probably the biggest benefit provided to businesses by FourSquare is the free advertising gained from utilizing the platform. Every time one of your customer's checks-in all their friends know about it, especially if they have linked their Facebook and Twitter to FourSquare, which almost everyone does. Get the maximum benefit out of their check-ins by providing all of your business' contact and website information.

FourSquare can extend the reach of your business beyond anything possible with conventional advertising. And the best part is it's free!

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