Friday, June 8, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 6/8/12

NEW POLL: Americans Using Social Media Are Engaged Consumers and Citizens, But Remain Skeptical of Social Media Trustworthiness
In a survey conducted by The Allstate Corporation and National Journal, Americans think their involvement in social media makes them more informed and influential consumers and citizens. Among the findings of the poll: 79% of social media users are more likely to consult others about products and services and 64% will change their mind as a result of consulting with others. Full Story Here: 

Caterpillar Brings Social Media to a Blue-Collar Business
U.S. has recognized Caterpillar as one of America's most connected companies as a result of the firm's extensive use of social media. Caterpillar has been a leader in corporate social networking utilization. The company has taken customer preferences gathered through social media into account in the design of their trucks. Full Story Here:

Three Social Media Mistakes Your Business Can't Afford to Make
Mistakes to avoid in the business use of social media include putting the wrong people in charge of the effort, not investing the proper time and effort, and not having a well planned strategy for success. Full Story Here: 

Social Media's Uninvited Guest
Businesses need to be respectful of the social media world by avoiding harmful over promotion. Instead companies should be helpful and entertaining to their social media fans and followers. Full Story Here:

Millions of LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked online
A hacker from Russia claims to have stolen nearly 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords and has posted them on-line. LinkedIn has reported they are looking into the security breach. Security experts are advising LinkedIn users to change their passwords. Full Story Here:

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