Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Restaurants

The popularity of restaurant and chef related shows on TV illustrate how a restaurant blog can be exciting and draw customers into your restaurant. Understandably, restaurant owners and chefs are extremely busy individuals, and not finding the time to blog is usually the reason given for not blogging. A restaurant blog does not have to be very long to be effective. Here are some simple and easy blogging content ideas for the restaurant owner wishing to have a better social media presence.

Tom's Restaurant in Manhattan was made internationally famous by Seinfeld

Recipes are probably the single most popular and effective topic your restaurant can blog about. People love getting new recipes and trying to recreate tantalizing food dishes for themselves at home. Recipes are a popular Google search topic that will drive people to your website and blog.

Menus and Restaurant Updates
Showcasing different menu items with images of the finished product can wet appetites and draw customers into the restaurant if the dishes are appealing. Be sure to highlight any new menu items whenever they are added. If your restaurant changes the menu with each season, that will make for interesting reading.

Chef Blog
Most chefs are quite proud of their culinary creations and enjoy telling people about them. Even if your restaurant's chef doesn't possess creative writing skills someone on your staff can conduct an interview and write the Blog post. Interesting topics for a chef to touch upon can also include sharing the sources of the ingredients they serve, especially if locally grown. Also, enlightening readers about various cuts and grades of meat can be effective.

Featured Staff
Any successful restaurant has interesting personalities either behind the scenes or in the public eye. Feature a write up about different staff members from time to time. Whether they are the chef, sommelier, experienced waiter, bartender, or even the owner, their lives and background most likely tell fascinatingly interesting stories which can present your restaurant in a personal way.

Restaurant Promotions
Finally, don't be afraid to inform your readers about any upcoming promotions, offers, or special deals your restaurant will be featuring. Just be careful. Don't overdo it and turn your blog into an endless commercial that will get tuned out before long.

A restaurant blog can enlighten readers in useful and interesting ways, and entice readers to stop by and try what's on the menu.

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