Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just What Are You Doing?

When it comes to blogging or social posting about your business, the conclusion just might be that you are wasting a lot of your time. To be successful at blogging, you need a clear perspective of what you are doing and why.  To blog or post to the social media community without prudent contemplation is a gigantic waste of time and effort that you'll never recover. Review the following considerations and adjust your efforts accordingly.

1. Have a clear understanding why you are blogging
This is fairly basic but, if you can't define how your efforts are going to help your business, how will you know it's working? Many businesses join the "me too" treadmill just to stay even with their competition. Set a clear goal for yourself and decide what your expectations are when it comes to your readers. Measuring the results will tell you if you are effective.

2. Know your audience.
Clearly, you want to direct your writing efforts to those most likely to act on your message. Before you post your first message, define your target audience.

3. Make a commitment
A hit or miss posting schedule won't work. You should get your content organized and set posting frequency goals for yourself. We recommend at least 3 times a week.  Set aside time to prepare your messages in advance and release your posts with regularity. If something comes up unexpectedly that demands a response from you, react to it immediately.

4. Content is king
Be professional, informative, and thorough when it comes to your business. To attract readers and get your message bouncing about in the social media world, you'll have to be relevant. To garner followers, you need to provide value to the reader. Don't post mediocre material and waste your reader's time. Use stimulating pictures and brief videos freely. Write about topics that are interesting to your audience. You'll know that your efforts are succeeding if some of the readers in your audience are commenting on your posts.

In summary, be objective, determine what your social media expectations are and pragmatically work towards your goals. Without a plan and clear vision, you are only wasting your time. Stay focused and you will see results.

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