Thursday, June 14, 2012

Using The OnFast Calendar

It's quick, easy, and an excellent way to organize your social media posting schedule.

The OnFast Calendar provides users with an innovative way to view and plan their entire marketing campaign at a glance. Once signed in, you can view the calendar by clicking "Calendar" from the Home screen. By default, the calendar shows a view of the current month.  Across the top of the calendar are buttons to change the calendar from the month view to a day, week, month or agenda view. The day and week views are further broken down and show the business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM.  The agenda displays a list of your calendar events sorted by date. The arrow buttons allow you to move forward or backward in the calendar by month, week or day.  The "Today" button brings you back to today's date within the calendar, whether you're in the month, week or day view.

To the left is a list of different calendar event types (i.e. social post, coupon, blog post, etc.) that are color-coded on the calendar. Clicking each of these links will lead you to each campaign screen. Within the calendar itself each event is color-coded by the type of campaign and contains a matching icon, which displays a pop-up of that day's events when clicked. If you want to add a new post from the calendar, simply click the green plus sign, next to each date. This will bring up the "Add New Post" screen containing a list of all event types. Select the type of post you want to start and you will be taken to that screen.  The small calendar in the bottom left of the screen provides users with an easy way to go to a specific date on the calendar.

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