Friday, June 22, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 6/22/12

How Businesses Are Using Social Media (INFOGRAPHIC)

A new infographic put together by MBA Programs shows how businesses have integrated social media into their overall marketing strategies. The graphic reports that while use of social networking by companies has risen dramatically, blogging has decreased. 94% of businesses now engage on social media networks and/or blog. Full Story Here: 

Business social media use is highest by far on Facebook

A report by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal states that American companies use Facebook more than any other social media platform by a wide margin. 80% of companies surveyed by InSite Consulting use Facebook compared to 45% for Twitter, 48% for LinkedIn and 31% on YouTube. Full Story Here: 

A very serious business: Are you ready for real social media engagement in 2013?

Edward Perry, World Hotels' global senior director of social media, OTA partnerships and innovation projects; states in Eye for Travel that the time has come for the hospitality industry to become fully engaged in social media in the year 2013. Full Story Here: 

Businesses have social media but don't know what to do with it, new study shows

Businesses all around the globe have been adopting social media as part of their overall marketing efforts, but don't really know how to use the medium yet. The study by InSites Consulting shows only 12% of companies using social media have integrated it into their overall corporate strategies. 29% have a social media presence, but do nothing with it. Full Story Here: 






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