Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Hotels

Beginning a new hotel blog may seem like an intimidating task, but it shouldn't be. There is an almost limitless amount of topics that can be written about from a hotel's perspective. Content ideas literally surround you, both inside the hotel and out in the surrounding area. If you are having trouble, here are a few subjects you could tackle to get started.

1. Local Area Information

Obviously if people are staying in your hotel there are things that make the location unique enough for tourists and out-of-town visitors. Present your readers with the reasons the local area is such a wonderful place to spend their time. Travelers crave insider information about local restaurants, bars and clubs. Attractions, things to do, and local events in your town or region can also become compelling subjects for your blog.

2. Hotel Services / Features

What are the reasons people should stay at your hotel when traveling? Make your blog readers want to stay with you because the hotel is luxurious, comfortable, clean, new, finely furnished, and equipped with creature features. Write about any new amenities, changes or improvements to the hotel, such as a new pool, spa, or fitness center. Any renovations or remodeling to the hotel is news you will want to communicate to future and past guests. Describe in detail different services you offer including wi-fi, concierge, and transportation services. Be informative and highlight the best features and services that really showcase your hotel in an attractive way.

3. Featured Staff / Guests

From time to time focus on the people at your hotel, both guests and staff. Testimonials from your guests can make a powerful statement about your accommodations and service. Write about personnel who really stand out and provide guests with exceptional customer service. For example, a front desk receptionist who makes your guests feel right at home, or a concierge who goes above and beyond to make every guest's visit special. Another idea is to keep track of the most frequently asked guest questions and answer them occasionally.

4. Hotel Promotions

Don't be afraid to inform your readers about the upcoming promotions, offers, and special deals you will be running. Take care not to overdo it and turn your blog into an endless commercial that will drive your audience away.

A hotel blog needs to be useful, interesting, and compel readers to plan a visit to your hotel.

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