Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finding Easy Blog Content - Medical

A well written medical blog can help a practice that is looking to expand and gain more patients, become more visible. Busy physicians usually feel they either do not have the time for blogging or they don't have any ideas of what to write about. A medical blog does not have to take up large amounts of time to be effective. Here are some content ideas for a medical practice blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

You know the most commonly asked questions. You probably hear them all the time. Keep track of the questions that come up again and again and answer them in your blog. There are probably some questions you think people should be asking, but might not be as well. The blog gives you the perfect opportunity to address those issues.

Health and Medical Advice

The popularity of health and medical advice shows on television illustrates how effective this type of post can be for your practice. Everything from eating right to live a healthier lifestyle to certain risk factors for specific diseases and health alerts can be covered in this type of post. People really want and need this kind of information and you are doing a service to the community by providing it in your blog.

Staff Bios

Every time a new doctor or staff member is added to your practice you can provide a bio write up in your blog about them. Provide your patients and blog audience with information including their educational background and experience and maybe some fun things about what they like to do in their spare time. This will help your patients feel more at ease around them. Include a blog about yourself as well.

Medical News and Developments

This is another area that can be a service to the community at large. Present your blog audience with useful information regarding new medical procedures or techniques. News about the latest medical research findings will help your patients make more informed decisions about their healthcare and lifestyle choices.

Your medical practice blog can firmly establish the reputation of your practice in the community as a knowledgeable authority. A medical blog will also provide a useful service to your patients as well.

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