Friday, August 3, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 8/3/12

Trial and Error for Business Social Media Will Fail

Many businesses fail to understand how to properly utilize social media in their marketing efforts, relying on trial and error without a plan or strategy. Clearly defined goals, reachable objectives and concrete metrics are necessary in carrying out a social media campaign. These elements, combined with thinking outside the box of traditional marketing, will lead to success on the medium. Full Story Here:

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses v2.0 [Infographic]

Businesses that don't embrace social media will be left behind. However, many businesses which currently use social media still need a strategy for success. This infographic provides a common sense approach to implementing a social media marketing campaign. Full Story Here:

Social Media Hits Olympics

The 2012 Olympics in London is the first to be impacted greatly by social media. In the last Olympics in China social media access was difficult. Social media is changing the way the world interacts with the games and the brands which sponsor them. Full Story Here: 

Which Social Networks Take Home the Gold? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social media agency, Ignite, just released the results of their annual report on the state of social media. The information is clearly laid out in a infographic and Twitter and Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn are leading in rate of growth. Google , launched a little over a year ago, did not make the list of the fastest growing networks. Full Story Here: 

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