Monday, August 13, 2012

OnFast's New Features: Manage Multiple Users, High Quality Photos, Updated Coupon Theme, Facebook Applications

OnFast is excited to present our new features this week, including the ability to manage multiple account users, access to high quality photos, an updated coupon look, Facebook applications and much more!

OnFast now provides users with the ability to have multiple users on a single account.  This functionality is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and allows several users to keep updated on their company's social media activities from one central location.  There are several tiers of user access, including administrator and staff member access.  Administrators can manage all aspects of their account, including user information, adding and removing users, and social media accounts.  Staff members are limited to just the ability to post to social network and blog accounts, and don't have access to user and account information.

Also new this week is a selection of high quality, royalty-free photos, that OnFast customers may use in their social network, blog and promotion postings.  The photos are found in all customer's media galleries and include several categories, including restaurant, golf, hotel and holiday photos.

When creating coupons, users will now notice an updated look and feel to their promotions.  This coupon redesign has been implemented with both mobile usability and aesthetics in mind.  Upcoming in the next few weeks is a selection of colorful coupon themes so check back soon.

On our social feed screen, there is now the option to flag certain social network posts and assign them to other team members (users) for resolution.  This is ideal for managing problem posts and handling issues quickly and efficiently.  Each user has access to posts that they have flagged themselves, and those that have been assigned to them and posts can be responded to from within the social feed screen, rather than having to log into each social network account individually.

Finally, we now provide several promotion types, including contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, in addition to coupons.  OnFast customers can create their own promotions and post them to their social networks and blogs.  Entries and participants are tracked and users are able to manage their promotions from within their OnFast account.  We also provide Facebook applications for each promotion type so fans and participants can check out your company’s latest coupons, contests, sweepstakes, etc from your Facebook page.  The expanded promotions and Facebook applications are only available to certain OnFast customers at this time, so please contact us ( if you’re interested in this functionality.

Be sure to login this week and check out our new features!

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