Thursday, August 16, 2012

Social Media Tips - Think Mobile

The use of mobile devices and smartphones to access the Internet is literally exploding around the world. This should give any business that is not ready for the future of social media marketing via mobile pause to think. A recent study by the group PQ Media stated that 100 million people, and growing actively, use their smartphones to access the Internet. Another study found mobile devices provide 8% of all the traffic on the Internet. Facebook, in looking at their visitors for the month of December 2011, found 423 million of them used mobile devices to go on the site. The widespread use of mobile devices is only going to expand as time goes on.

For a business with a social media presence there are some important things to take away from these figures going forward. Mobile is here to stay and any company looking to compete on social media and the Internet should consider creating a mobile app for their website. For companies without a specific mobile app, optimizing their website by creating easily consumable content for mobile devices could prove to be critical.

This is a trend that will only increase around the globe. Businesses failing to have a strategy for marketing via mobile devices need to be thinking mobile.

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