Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Social Media is Changing B2B Marketing Strategies

Building relationships is essential to B2B marketing, and social media is rapidly changing  the way businesses market and communicate with one another. Businesses can now build a network of industry contacts using social media websites like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Myspace more cost effectively and efficiently.

Companies are now finding social media websites to be a wealth of knowledge. They can monitor the news in their industry, connect with customers and suppliers, and share research through blogs, forums and tweets. Businesses can now find new channels of distribution, collect data, post questions and  receive suggestions directly with the people who count the most in ways that are faster than ever before.

Businesses who have not adopted their B2B marketing strategy to include Social Media are quickly losing their relevance in their industry, and losing potential revenue streams to their competitors that are embracing Social Media as part of their B2B marketing plans.

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