Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Create & Schedule a Social Network or Blog Post

To quickly create a social post, click on the "Social Post" tab on the menu. Enter your social post, select when to post, and select your post channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc). Click the submit button and you're done!

If you want to create a new social or blog post from a template, simply click on the type of post on the "Campaign" screen. You will then see several different categories, including OnFast's pre-made templates and a blank document. Choose one of the two; if you elect to use one of OnFast's pre-made templates, choose a category, such as "Promote a product" or "Launch company." Then choose a specific document you 'd like to work from (you can see a preview of each template by clicking the "See sample" button). 

You will then be asked to enter information about your company (see below). Generally, you will only have to enter this information once, although each template is written with a different purpose in mind so some questions will be unique. Once you have filled out the short form, click the "Preview" button to see your draft post.

From here, you can edit your post and make any changes to the wording you'd like (see below). You can also ensure your post contains the appropriate number of industry-specific keywords by using the search engine optimization (SEO) keyword strength meter below the document. If you are posting a social network post, the scheduling can be done from this same screen. When you have finished editing, click the "Submit" button to schedule your post. For blogs, the "Submit" button will take you to the schedule screen. Use the drop lists to select the date and time your post will be sent. Also, make sure to choose the channels (Blogger, Wordpress, etc) to which you want to post. Click the "Submit" button and you are done!

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