Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using OnFast's Writing Assistant To Create Blog Posts In Four Easy Steps

One of the many innovative features of OnFast's social tools for business is the writing assistant. Using the writing assistant makes it very easy to create keyword rich blog posts, and social messages. The templates in the writing assistant provide ideas and content that is specific to your industry. This is especially helpful if you are either new to social media marketing or you find yourself at a loss for words.  You can begin to post valuable information about your business across social networks in just four easy steps:

1- From the Campaign screen, choose a template based on what kind of post you want to create.
2- Answer a few brief questions about your company and click the preview button.  This information is saved in OnFast's database, for use in your future posts.

3- Review the template's title and body text with your answers already filled in, and edit any part of the post, if needed. The Keyword Strength Meter at the bottom of the screen indicates how search engine friendly your post is. If you want to save the post as a separate template for future use, check the "Save as Template" checkbox.
4- Next, choose when and where you want your post to go. You can either send it now, or schedule it to be posted in the future. The post will automatically show up at the selected date and time. 
If you have any social network accounts linked to your OnFast account, you can simultaneously send a link to your new blog entry when it goes out. Lastly, click the Submit Button.
Using OnFast's writing assistant is a very easy way to create a marketing message campaign for your business. With the help of OnFast, it will not be long before you will be getting your company's marketing messages out to the prospects and customers you want to reach.

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