Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Blog?

The word “blog” is one of the most popular words on the Internet today. This buzz- word is one of the most popularly searched terms on the net. A blog is an acronym for “web log” which is an online topical journal that is written for others to read. You can create blogs for personal reasons, educational and informational reasons, and most importantly for your business. Blogging is an excellent compliment to all of your other on-line social media marketing strategies.

As a marketing tool, blogs offer enormous potential. When it comes to e-mailed newsletter communications and blogging, the dynamics are completely different. Blog postings are much easier to write and disseminate than traditional newsletters. Once newsletters are e-mailed, they get deleted or buried in an obscure mail folder. There is no confusion about blogging being spam the way e-mails may be perceived. Your blog messages exist inside your blog on the Internet until you decide to remove them.

Nothing facilitates conversation, communication and community the way blogging does. If you have relevant timely information to share, a product to sell, a brand to market or something to say on the Internet then blogging should be your first choice.

Most important, when your blog message carries embedded key words that are optimized for Internet search engines the reach of your message is greatly enhanced. Over time new readers and business prospects will join your current followers and expand your ever-increasing social network. Each reader has the potential of referring your message to yet another contact.

If you do not already have a blog associated with your business, now may very well be an excellent time for you to start blogging.

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