Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rationale for a Small Business to Blog and Blog Often

In these challenging economic times small businesses with limited advertising budgets need all the help they can muster.  Traditional legacy forms of advertising that utilize cumbersome ad agencies and media gatekeepers are not a cost effective answer.

Today, tech savvy businesses are turning to Internet based campaigns that seek to build trusted relationships by interacting with potential customers directly.

Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to get noticed on the Internet is often overlooked.  Enter the Blog (a blend of the term "web" and log).  Basically, a Blog is a business or personal journal published on the Internet

A typical Blog combines text, images, links to Web pages and most importantly, social media sites.

Using a blog has a significant advantage over websites and social posting. Blogs get indexed by Google faster making them almost instantaneously available to web surfers.  Plus, Blog posts have a long shelf life.

You have undoubtedly heard the old clich?: "It's a numbers game."  Remember, Google is seeking new content all the time. Posting lots of informative content ensures that Google will revisit your site over and over and place you higher on the "Search Engine Return Page". Hopefully, with good content you'll fall on the first page above the fold. Each new Blog post will get indexed and subsequently stored in Google's cache, so it can be found online. Each time you write a new blog post, you give yourself one more chance to be found by potential customers who are interested in what you are selling.

Be creative, relevant, and informative.  Offer up good, quality content and people will find you. Post often and you'll quickly attract followers that will help spread your message with no out of pocket expense.

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