Friday, November 2, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 11/2/12

Small Businesses Don’t Have Time for Social Media -- and Don’t Track Results

The results of a study by the online marketing firm, Vertical Response, indicate that small businesses have adopted social media in a big way, but think they are spending too much time on the medium. One third of business owners wish they could spend less time on their social media marketing efforts. Most businesses using social media marketing are unaware of their return on investment figures, as only 36 percent utilize paid tools which will give them analytical data and schedule posts. Full Story Here:

4 Social Media Metrics You Should Measure

As businesses come to terms with the fact social media is here to stay and not some fad, the importance of tracking their endeavors on the medium is becoming clear. Monitoring social media’s impact on a company’s bottom line is vital. Keeping track of factors such as brand awareness, website traffic, site loyalty, and conversion rates are crucial in determining the success of any social media marketing effort. Full Story Here:

Social-Media Users Flock to Facebook for Sandy Updates

With the ongoing disaster of Hurricane Sandy unfolding in the Northeast U.S., people have turned to social media for news, help and comfort. The social media networks, Facebook and Twitter, have been the platforms of choice during this crisis. This clearly underlines the level of importance social media as attained in our society. Full Story Here:

Ask a Business Expert: Social media vital to all business

Social media is becoming increasingly part of everyday life and a tool to express individuality as much as brand awareness. This fact underscores the importance to businesses to craft and adopt a clear social media strategy and company policies for employees. Determining who will play a role and making sure all involved are on the same brand page, is paramount to the success of your company’s social media efforts. Full Story Here:

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