Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Using Facebook for Employment Search

Although Facebook is thought of mostly as a social networking site for keeping up with friends and family, the network has much to offer those who are seeking employment or changing jobs. A survey by found that more than 44 percent of all job seeking related activity takes place on Facebook. The nearly universal acceptance of the network has led to over 900 million users, a potentially rich resource for the job seeker.

Ways to Use Facebook for Employment Search: 
  1. Status Updates - Make sure you keep your network updated on the status of your job search and the type of position you are seeking. Be sure to remind them periodically, so they don’t forget about you.
  2. Networking - The vast numbers of Facebook users means, not only are all of your friends, family, and business related colleagues on the network, but potential employers as well. This is an advantage of using Facebook for a job search; the network puts you in front of many people.
  3. Make Sure your Profile is Complete and Clean - Your profile should be complete and contain all of your work experience and educational information. If you have a profile on LinkedIn (you should), copy over all of the information from there. Since employers will be looking at your profile, clean up any images or status updates  which may be damaging to your professional reputation.
  4. Join and Interact with Groups - Professional interest groups are on the rise on Facebook. Join the groups related to your field and interact with other group members. This expands your sphere of influence and the number of contacts you have exponentially. Each contact gained opens new possibilities for you.
  5. Follow the Companies that Interest you - Once again, research by has shown that over 80 percent of companies use social media to find their employees. Just “Like” their page and you will receive updates and news from the company in your  Facebook newsfeed. Also, many company pages provide links for people seeking employment. Take full advantage of your contact with these companies by really showing interest and actively engaging with them.

Facebook is becoming one of the most used and preferred social networks for not only job seekers, but human resource recruiters as well. If you are hunting for a job or looking to change careers, the world’s largest social network is available as a valuable aid in your search.

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