Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mobile Marketing -- What Is Mobile Marketing?

Smartphones and mobile devices are everywhere now and have practically become ubiquitous. Closely related to this phenomenon is mobile marketing, a concept that is still evolving, but needs to be understood by businesses of all sizes. In this, the first of a three part series, we will examine just what mobile marketing is. In the following segments, we’ll see why it is so important for businesses to get involved and the ways to engage in mobile marketing.


What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing can be defined as marketing and advertising that reaches its intended target audience by way of the audience’s mobile device or smartphone. There are various components and methods of mobile marketing that a business must be aware of, including:


SMS - This stands for short message service and refers to text only messaging and limited to a length of 160 characters. This can be utilized for sending marketing information, such as coupons, directly to the audience.


MMS - Stands for multimedia messaging service, and provides the audience with messages containing images, video and audio.


Mobile Internet - This includes mobile websites and internet sites, specifically optimized to properly function and be visually appealing on mobile devices.


Mobile Apps - Downloadable software applications for smartphones and mobile devices.


Mobile Advertising - These usually appear as ads on mobile devices during the loading process of mobile web pages, as banners at the top or bottom. Mobile gaming ads, along with SMS or MMS, are other forms of mobile advertising.


The relatively new technologies that are yet unfolding are being rapidly adopted by the public. This combined with the growing use of social media networks by both consumers and businesses are factors driving mobile marketing to the forefront of importance to brands. In part two, we will see in more detail why mobile marketing is so important to companies.

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