Friday, March 8, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 3/8/13

San Antonio chef sizzles on social media

Chef and restauranteur, Jason Dady of San Antonio, provides a perfect example of how restaurants can correctly engage in social media marketing. Jason, who now owns three thriving restaurants and a food truck, was an early adopter of social media. He has successfully grown his businesses by properly balancing a clear marketing strategy  with the personal interaction so necessary on social media. Full Story Here:

B2B Businesses and the Potential of Social Media Infographic

This interesting infographic offers facts and figures to explain the impact social media is having on business-to-business companies. The numbers provided in this graphic also present the enormous potential that awaits companies who have yet to integrate social media into their overall marketing strategies. Full Story Here:

Your Social Media Reputation Can Attract Employees

A study by the staffing services company, Spherion, has found that quality, professional employees are drawn to firms with good reputations on social media. Almost half of the employees surveyed, at 47 percent, believe online reputation to be an important factor to be considered when contemplating the acceptance of a job offer from a firm. This finding comes despite only 27 percent of businesses believing social media to be an influencer to their job candidates. The survey also states that almost 75 percent of employees who are pleased with their employer’s social media reputation, are satisfied with their jobs as well. Full Story Here:

Businesses Have No Real Plan For Facebook and Twitter

The management consultant firm, Altimeter Group, has uncovered a lack of strategy on the part of businesses and their social media marketing efforts. Only 12 percent of companies engaged on social media during 2012, did so with a clearly planned strategy. While just 34 percent reported having data connecting their social media marketing with goals for profit growth. Just 52 percent in the survey believe the top executives of their firms are in alignment with the social strategy of the company. Full Story Here:

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