Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog, Blogger, Blogosphere

So what do these terms mean, and what can a blog do for my business?

New users to the social media world ask us all the time. "Just what is a Blog?"  Well, a Blog is a web site where you can post things about yourself or your business.  The word Blog is an acronym for Web Log. Take the last four letters and you have Blog. 

One of the more popular services that provides users with a free blog service is Google's Blogger. With a little experience you can utilize some of the more advanced Blog features like posting pictures and links to other content sources. In fact, Blogs are designed to be easy-to-use by the non-programmer and the non-technical community.

Once you set up your blog and post a message you can call yourself a Blogger and unwittingly you have joined the Blogosphere.  The Blogosphere is a community of bloggers that generate web content and publish their opinions, and insights. 

You may be want to see who else is posting Blog information related to your interests.
One way to find other Blogs is to do a Google search. You may have to alter your search a couple of times to zero in on Blogs that are interesting to you.

So back to the question: "What can a Blog do for my business?"

First, most good Blogs allow visitors to leave comments and messages. The job of Bloggers is not only to produce and post content but to also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers. This interactivity is the most cost effective way to engage people interested in your business and products. The more people value your Blog the faster your social network of business prospects will grow.

In addition, your properly constructed blog post can generate traffic to your social sites and to your web page. OnFast recommends embedding keywords into your post that are closely correlated to the Google ad words for your industry. By doing so, your message will be ranked higher by the Google Search Engine making it easier for web surfers to find you. Carefully crafted Blog posts can produce the same results as pay-per-click advertising but at no out-of-pocket cost to you.  Keep in mind, your Blog post has a long shelf life and works for you day after day and will appeal to multiple prospects.   The more you post the more opportunities you have at getting noticed. has coded all the industry keywords into our Blog posting tool. As you enter your message we compare the words entered and display a keyword usage rating. There's nothing to do or look up it's automatic.

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