Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facebook And What It Can Do For Your Business

With Facebook having become such a part of everyday life now, it is essential that businesses have a managed presence there. Over half a billion users are actively signed on to the social networking site each day. This fact presents an immense opportunity for any company that is willing to make the effort to leverage Facebook to their advantage.

Facebook differs greatly from Twitter in that a company can build a real brand identity on their Facebook page, much like a website, while having the advantage of truly engaging with their customer base. Interaction is the key to all social media channels. Invite followers to provide comments and feedback about everything related to your business and what it does. A company can gain valuable marketing insight to what customers are looking for, what they think about a certain product or service, or what they would like to see in the future from the company.

On their Facebook page, a company should present useful and compelling information about their products or services, without spamming their followers with constant sales pitches. The page can offer advice or tips about your company's area of specialty. Sales and specials can be communicated to the page's followers without becoming heavy-handed. The offering of coupons is an excellent way to accomplish this marketing goal through Facebook. The key is to offer page followers real value. Keeping the page up to date and fresh will keep people coming back as well.

If a company has a website, both their Facebook page and their website should be integrated. Provide links to the website on Facebook and "Like Us On Facebook" buttons on the website. This will drive more potential customers to your business and "cross pollenate" both marketing platforms for the company.

If utilized properly, with careful planning and diligent upkeep, a business page on  Facebook can become an engine of growth for your company.
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