Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Service your existing customers and find new ones

This is good advice and a simple common sense business strategy for success. In the process, it certainly can't hurt to tell your customers how much you appreciate their business. 
Fresh revenue from new customers is the fundamental cornerstone for the growth of any business. Acquiring new customers clearly needs to be a top priority in today's competitive business climate.  The trouble is, getting new customers is often a huge job in itself when you're focused on the day-to-day running of your business.
When it comes to communicating with potential customers, many small businesses simply don't have abundant time or technical resources to create sophisticated content or marketing campaigns. Moreover, hiring staff or an agency to do the work can be cost prohibitive. Today, small businesses are faced with huge advertising challenges that are seemingly insurmountable.

Likewise, mining repeat business from existing customers presents the same strain on resources. Regardless of your message, repeat business won't happen unless customers are satisfied with the service they've received in the past. How will you know if they are satisfied and if they would recommend your business? If you don't respond to their needs with urgency, they may end up turning to one of your competitors.
Clearly, the answer is to communicate regularly with new prospects and existing customers to let them know about new products, services and offers, or simply to say "thank you."  This is a smart approach to building a loyal, highly valuable customer base.  The most asked question we hear is: "Where do I go and what do I do?"
No matter what kind of business you run, there is one simple cost effective way to reach new and existing customers to drive business. So what's the most effective channel for reaching out?  Social Media!
With a reasonable effort and little cost you can leverage Social Media to work for you.  By posting timely, relevant information and answering inquires you can engage a community of followers that will speak on your behalf.  Lots of potential customers receptive to your message are hanging out on social media channels every minute of every day. Currently, 800 million people use Facebook, surely, you can too.
You can start today and measure the results for yourself. Post simple content you already know about your business. Set aside a little time a couple times a week and engage in the conversation. Make yourself and your business valuable to your audience and the sales will follow.
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