Friday, February 24, 2012

Social Media News Highlights For The Week Ending 2/24/12

Twitter Reaches 500 Million Registered User Mark

The company has not officially announced it yet, but the social media network reached a milestone of 500 million registered users this week. The pace of signups has been steadily increasing over the last year. The network officially announced they crossed the 200 million mark back in April 2011. At the current estimated rate of growth, Twitter will have over 1 billion users in about a year and a half. Full Story Here:

Facebook Timeline For Brands Coming Later This Month

It was reported that Facebook will be making its new Timeline format available to brands later this month. This past September, Facebook announced its new profile format, but stated that it was not intended for brands at this time. The new Timeline will give companies the opportunity to have a large, distinctive image at the top of their page and the ability to outline such things as corporate history. Full Story Here:

Why Health Care Professionals Should Monitor Social Media

It was reported that the healthcare industry is far behind other industries when it comes to the adoption and use of social media. It is estimated healthcare, as an industry, is as much as 10 years behind other industries. The healthcare industry may be suffering the effects of lagging behind, as there is a whole conversation going on behind the scenes. Patients talk on social media sites about the quality of care they receive from healthcare providers and hospitals, whether the industry is part of the discussion or not.  Full Story Here:

Tackling The Question Of Social Media ROI: Change Your Goals

Companies want to know what they are getting for their social media dollar. The answer is to evaluate the company's needs and set goals. Full Story Here:

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