Friday, January 18, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 1/18/13

Five Social Media Tools to Fight the Flu

This season’s flu outbreak has been officially declared an epidemic by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), leading health officials to find new and innovative ways to keep track of it’s spread. Officials, unfortunately, have to follow behind information which is a few weeks old when they receive it. Social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now giving the CDC vital information in real time. Full Story Here:

The Importance of Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook announced it’s new Graph Search feature this week. This new feature is important because it will help Facebook retain the immense world-wide membership it has gathered and will open up the network to the rest of the world. Besides benefiting businesses and organizations, the Graph Search provides the Facebook community with valuable search information more relevant to their lives, based on what the network knows about them. Full Story Here:

Social Media Pays Off for Businesses, Study Shows

A forthcoming study, by the University at Buffalo School of Management, has found that customers who interact with a company’s social media are 5.6 % more likely to visit the business and contribute it’s bottom line than those who don’t. The study centered on information about customers’ Facebook engagement with a large Northeast specialty firm, combined with the data of their actual purchases. The study makes a clear connection between the social media efforts of a brand and it’s return on investment. Full Story Here:

Don’t Ignore Your Social Media Reputation

Social media provides a crucial link between brands and their customer base through customer service feedback. Companies who turn their back on what is said, via social networks regarding their brand, put themselves at risk. A survey conducted recently by Zeno Group found many businesses, especially smaller ones, are doing this very thing. Only 55% of smaller companies consider their online reputation when making business decisions compared to 71% for larger firms. 45% of smaller firms rarely take their social media into consideration in the decision-making process. Full Story Here:

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