Monday, August 22, 2011

A Mini Guide to the Art of Business Tweeting

Combining a call to action with timely, relevant, and useful information all inside 140 characters requires a skill that must be mastered for a business tweet to be effective.  Just because the information passes quickly with fewer characters doesn't mean it's less important or should be taken lightly. In fact, incorrectly tweeting can be a recipe for disaster and alienate potential customers.

Think before you tweet:
Before you publish a comment or offer information ask yourself if what you're about to post is meaningful. Does your post add value to your social network community and reflect favorably on your business? Save your tweets for when you have something worthwhile sharing. Your audience will come to appreciate your professional demeanor and will be more willing to follow you.

Learn to provoke interest:
Effective Twittering is tied to the ability to write cool, groovy, and engaging headlines with the intent of getting people to want more. With 140 characters there's only room for the attention getter. Strive to get more from fewer characters. Learn from past tweets and determine what works for your business.

Watch your grammar:
Just because Twitter is only 140 characters long doesn't mean that spelling, grammar, and clarity don't matter. In fact, they matter more because you're trying to communicate in such a compact space. Before you publish a tweet to the world take some time to read it over and make sure it makes sense. It just takes a second and ensures you're sending out a professional sounding message. You don't want to distract people with messy grammar and misspellings.

In summary, make yourself and your tweets valuable to the reader.

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